Warts: Bullshit or miracle cure? 5 facts hard facts

What are the major types of warts?

There are many types of warts, and some are caused by different viruses. A type of warts called human papillomavirus (HPV) is the most common cause of warts. The virus is usually a little bigger than a grain of rice, and usually is not spread very easily by touching objects. However, you can become infected if you have direct contact with someone who has HPV. You can also get warts from touching objects and water. These types of warts can be treated with various medications, and some people even have surgery to remove the warts.

When do warts start?

There are two major stages of warts: early or early-stage and late-stage. These are known as the stage of infection, and the stage of appearance. The warts usually appear about 2-3 weeks after you have been exposed to an HPV infection, but not as quickly. They can be visible for about a month, and then the warts become harder and more painful.

You may be able to see warts on your legs, trunk, or back, and have a fever (often, you may be vomiting), aching joints, and a burning sensation. Warts usually heal on their own in about 2-3 months.

Warts usually form by exposure to the virus.

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